Communication Summit 2018 has published the program

Top industry meeting of senior communication managers in our market will take place on May 30, 2018 at Slovansky dům in the centre of Prague. Communication Summit represents a new platform bringing together all stakeholders: representatives of clients -both companies and institutions, and communication and marketing agencies. The programme is focused on result-oriented communications – both from financial and social point of view.

Pour Féliciter 2018

We look forward to seeing you in 2018

Human Capital 2017: We Are Social Architects Who Help People to Form Networks

How to develop people in companies and companies throughout the people, that was the main topic of the conference Human Capital 2017 which took place on November 22, 2018 at Slovanský dům in Prague. There were 170 people who take care of people in the companies at the level of HR teams and also from the higher levels of the management participating. The organizers were pleased to see among the participants also General Managers, CEOs, CFOs and Sales or Product Managers who represented 40 % of the audience. The goal of the conference was accomplished – the debate on human capital as a real strategic issue which is worth of interest of the top management. The speakers referred into the future, both from the perspectives of the recruitment and production processes, but mainly in terms of people´s needs. Throughout their own authentic claims we stress the main topics of the conference day.

Modern brand is clear, coherent and fair- fulfilling what has promised

The target of the third year of Brand Management was to uplift the importance of brands as an integral part of the company management and company strategy, projected into products, services, people, environment and communication. Among 14 speakers the biggest star was Rita Clifton, who has not just given the best speech but also moderated a unique debate of three prestigious brands that control their global marketing from the Czech Republic. Successful employer branding was interestingly presented by Pavel Stratil, CEO of Lidl. More than 400 participants of this year's Brand Management actively participated in the panel discussions concentrated mainly on how to elevate the role of brands so as to bear the attributes of clarity, coherency and leadership.

Historic Centre of Prague – 25 years in the UNESCO World Heritage List

The capital city of Prague and the publishing house MCU in Český Krumlov invite you to the exhibition of the photographer LIBOR Sváček, which was opened on the occasion of this year's 25th anniversary of the inscription of the historical centre of Prague, on the UNESCO list of world cultural and natural heritage sites.

Prague is celebrating the 25th anniversary of inscription of the Historic Centre of Prague in the UNESCO World Heritage List

This year the historic centre of Prague is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its inscription in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This significant Jubilee will be recapped at the beginning of December, when the conference entitled Prague –World Heritage City 2017 will be organized in the New Building of the National Museum in Prague. In parallel with the Conference, the exhibition will take place on Wenceslas square showing the unrealised architectural projects, and also the publication of interviews about Prague in the view of different scientific disciplines will be published.

Brand Management 2017: Meeting of Those who Stand Firmly Behind their Brands

Brand Management 2017 conference will take place on September 20, at Slovanský dům in the centre of Prague. The complete program has been just revealed bringing the keynote Rita Clifton, who was named brand guru by The Financial Times, and other leading marketing experts. New discussion model will be presented – Rita will be grilling three successful brands in different stages of evolution that are managing their global marketing from the Czech Republic (Baťa, Ugo, and Notino).

Back to Brands!

Brand Management 2017 conference will focus on strengthening of brands

To be simple is not simple, but allows to create an irresistible brand

Praha 23rd September 2016. Nearly 400 marketers, brand managers and experts in brand development have visited this year's Brand Management. The keynote speaker - Ken Segall introduced the magical concept of simplicity, inspired by more than 10years of his collaboration with Steve Jobs, summarised in his new book, Think Simple (participants received the book as a gift).

The program of Brand Management 2016 published

Balanced representation of industries and companies in different stages of development promises a very interesting discussion about managing of brands.