Why Brands?


Brands have never been a more significant part of our personal and economic landscape. Understanding the real value they bring to customers and to business is even more important.
Paul Simonet, founding partner of Alternative Genius

Perhaps the most salient factor for the most successful brands is the promise of consistent quality. Whether it's a business or a consumer making a purchasing decision, they want to be sure in this world of endless choice that their decision is the right one.
Rosi McMurray, executive director of strategy, The Brand Union

Although we think that decision-making about brands depends strongly on functional benefits, it all comes down to one question: how will this make me feel?
Kim Cramer and Alexander Koene, BR-ND

A brand should always keep in mind that prestige is not enough. It has to be the leader of the category, the one and only, and must give total satisfaction to its customers. Customers will not allow failure and must trust brands.
Laura Ruvalcaba and Deborah Elkes, Group Brain, Mexico

A brand is more than a trademark. It is a trustmark. A brand is a covenant between the company and the consumer. A trusted brand is a genuine asset.
Larry Light, US brand consultant

Brand is a valuable asset of the corporation, and should be treated like any other asset. This means it must be invested in, put to work to generate value and held accountable for the results.
Joanna Seddon, EVP, Millward Brown

In an era of transparency, you can have innovation without branding, but you cannot have branding without innovation.
Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO, WPP Group