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Brand Management is certainly not limited just to FMCG. Today, brands are the phenomenon, which helps to develop all segments of the market (not only B2C, but also B2B) and increasingly applies also in the non-commercial sphere (in charity, culture, politics, or in the context of different social projects).

The conference is therefore intended for all who believe in the power of brands and their value to the company, the community and individual consumers. We´d like to welcome representatives of all industries, companies doing business in different markets, either as producers and distributors of goods and services or as retailers. Typical participants of Brand Management are, of course, also all suppliers of services, technologies and products that support effective brand management. Brand Management enjoys the intense interest of journalists from both traditional and new media, too. We believe that the topic of brands is as well interesting for non-profit organizations and public administration.

In terms of position within the company Brand Management targets on middle management representatives (Brand Manager/Director, Marketing Manager, Commercial Director, Business Development Director etc.) and specialists (for example, product managers, specialists in market research, marketing communications, category management, etc.). Due to the strategic importance of brands, however, a significant portion of the audience are top managers, CEOs, Board members or company owners.

Brand Management Conference is planned for the 300 to 350 participants.

Brand Management participants (2015 – 2016) in terms of possition in the company and company´s field of business

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