Past Years

2nd Edition: How to Create an Irresistible Brand (BM 2016)

KenTo be irresistible is not easy but it is possible! Almost 400 marketing managers, brand managers and experts on band management and development gathered at the 2nd edition of Brand Management to learn how to be so. The keynote Ken Segall introduced his magic conception of the simplicity which is inspired mostly by the twelve years of collaboration with Steve Jobs, summarized in his new book Think Simple. Its translation into the Czech was provided to participants as a gift. Minimization, simplification up to the essence means that simple things are easy to memorize. The simplicity enables to the company to insert its culture into its brand and to be consistent. “To be simple is not easy”, said Ken Segall in his presentation, at the same time he demonstrated at many examples and interviews with forty company leaders from all around the world, that it is possible.

There were 16 more speakers in the program who shared the stories of their brands and trends analyses, that showed what is behind of the success, growth or, on the other side, the brand decline on the market. Tomáš Gregořica from Škoda Auto had very interesting 5 point recommendation for the audience. According to him, the most important assumption of the success is the high creativity of the marketing team, long term focus and focus on the future (strategy for the future buyers), integration of digital marketing (which shall not be worshiped as a omnipotent remedy), stress on company culture and employee branding, and last but not least, to be always positive in the communication.


1st Edition: Brand as a Goal or a Tool (BM 2015)

JimThe first edition of Brand Management, subtitled Brand as a goal or a tool? started the series of annual expert meetings dealing with the brand development and management. It was a gathering of more than three hundred professionals who believe that the brand is far more than a graphic symbol. The stars of the program were not only the global marketing expert Jim Stengel, but also more than a dozen of those who, from different positions, managed the life of successful brands on the Czech market - the company owners and directors, as well as representatives of marketing and brand management.

Jim Stengel has given the highly inspirational speech introducing How winning brands behave. Among others, he has spoken about the AHA! Concept – recipe for success that is based on the following key ingredients:

A: Ambitious Purpose

H: Human Insight

A: Always There

!: Organizational Energy

„Brands with higher ideals are saved in the higher hemispheres of our brain. Ask, therefore, whether your brand has a meaningful effect on the world. Companies that communicate their deeper meaning, are gaining customers up to three times faster than the competition. If you want to follow your ideals and serve the world and the customers, you must be identified with them, and encourage others in the team to realise them together!“Jannis

Jim was then followed by co-owner of Kofola, Jannis Samaras – the typical example of AHA! company. He emphasized the crucial role brand managers play in the life of the company: „The vision and values are the basis of each brand. Leaders print themselves into their brands, brands become a personal expression of their creators. The company owner must find a suitable brand manager that resonates with the brand, thinks in the same way and believes in the same values.“